Mammographic imaging : a practical guide

Author              Shelly L. Lillé and Wendy J. Marshall

Year                   2019, 4th edition

Description    The most up-to-date and comprehensive book in the field, this bestseller reflects the latest ARRT educational and certification exam requirements, the ASRT recommended curriculum, and the best practices in the field.

Cunningham’s textbook of veterinary physiology

Author               Bradley G. Klein

Year                   2020, 6th edition

Description      Understanding the normal functions of the body is essential for successful veterinary practice and for understanding the mechanisms of disease. This comprehensive text approaches the vast subject in a practical, user-friendly way that helps you understand how key concepts relate to clinical practice.

Physical activity instruction of older adults

Editor                Debra J. Rose

Year                   2019, 2nd edition

Description    Textbook is the most comprehensive text available for current and future fitness professionals who want to design and implement effective, safe, and fun physical activity programs for older adults with diverse functional capabilities.

Fowler’s zoo and wild animal medicine : current therapy

Author               R. Eric Miller, Nadine Lamberski and Paul Calle

Year                   2019

Description    Bringing together a globally diverse range of emerging topics related to zoo and wild animals. The text is an invaluable tool for any professional working directly with wildlife and zoo animals.

Cancer rehabilitation : principles and practice

Author               Michael D. Stubblefield

Year                   2019, 2nd edition

Description    This reference provides a comprehensive, pragmatic approach for physical medicine physicians; speech, occupational, and physical therapists; and nurses with cancer survivor responsibilities…[A]ny cancer program with significant rehabilitation services will find this a useful addition to its library.

Essentials of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging

Author               Fred A. Mettler, Jr. and Milton J. Guiberteau

Year                   2019, 7th edition

Description    This book is a must-have resource for radiology residents, nuclear medicine residents and fellows, nuclear medicine specialists, and nuclear medicine technicians. This updated classic is an ideal reference for all diagnostic imaging and therapeutic patient care related to nuclear medicine, as well as an excellent review tool for certification or MOC preparation.

Umphred’s neurological rehabilitation

Author                Rolando T. Lazaro, Sandra G. Reina-Guerra and Myla U. Quiben

Year                     2020, 7th edition

Description      This book orients the student and clinician to the roles that multiple systems within and outside the human body play in the causation, progression, and recovery process of a variety of common neurological problem.

ACSM’s nutrition for exercise science

Author               Dan Benardot

Year                   2019

Description     This clear overview of the science of nutrition as it applies to exercise illustrates difficult concepts using real-world examples and case studies that allow you to put learning into practice. Engaging and filled with practical advice, this easy-to- understand book includes a wide array of striking visuals that bring concepts to life.

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